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Emerging from the pulsating heart of the Gulf, Majaz is a four-piece Afro-Khaleeji band that embodies the spirit of the Arabian Peninsula, draped in a contemporary musical expression. 


Marking its tenth year anniversary in 2023, Majaz has grown over the years to become one of the most recognizable bands on the regional scene, playing regularly in front of thousands of audiences. 


Inspired by the band members’ musical influences and their culture, Majaz’s music has evolved over time, fusing elements of progressive rock, jazz fusion, and Khaleeji folk music, blending styles and genres to create an ethereal, energetic and tribal sound.


The evolution of their sound celebrates the deep cultural connection between Africa and Arabia, creating a blend of “Afro-Khaleeji” sounds that bring together the moving beats of African rhythm and the tribal melodies of Khaleeji music, from scales to lyricism. It also pays homage to the roots of traditional Bahraini music - drawing inspiration from the likes of Fjiri, Jirba and Laiwa. 


The result is a progression from folksy acoustic instrumentals to full-band electric compositions. Hearing it, it’s hard to not join in along with singing and clapping. The music of Majaz is communal. It is a participatory musical performance that is proud of its heritage and culture, yet is progressive in approach. 


From South Asia to North Africa and across the Arabian Gulf region (including Riyadh, Morocco, Tunisia and further into Nepal), Majaz has enthralled fans with their bombastic, intimate, crowd-pleasing live performances, bringing people up dancing on their feet, be it at a small intimate gig, or on the largest arena stages.  


Over the years, Majaz have established a strong reputation for delivering memorable, interactive, highly energetic live performances, making the experience a must-have for all music lovers and enthusiasts. Their love for music, joy of performing and talent shared on stage are both admirable and infectious. 


The band played at Wasla Arab Alternative Music Festival (Dubai), the Dhaka International FolkFest (Bangladesh), and more recently Journées Musicales de Carthage (Tunisia), in addition to MDLBeast’s SoundStorm Festival (Riyadh) and Visa for Music (Morocco), to name a few.


In 2017, they released their debut EP ‘Rihla’ recording in their home studio in Bahrain. The band is currently busy at work writing and recording new material with their brand new sound for their next upcoming release. Majaz is planning a number of shows and releases in 2023. 

Salah Alawi - Bass/Vocals

Hameed Al Saeed - Guitars/Vocals

Jehad Al Hallal - Cello

Abdulla Faisal - Percussion/Vocals

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