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Shuruppak navigates through the ancient forces of our past, the reality of our present, and the uncertainty of our future. It combines elements of traditional Khaleeji folklore with modern, progressive electric sounds and psychedelia to manifest the intertwining of our ancient heritage and the ever-evolving cultural identity of the modern Arab. The name 'Shuruppak', which translates to 'Land of utmost being' in the Sumerian language, pays homage to a time when Bahrain was dubbed an uncannily similar moniker.

Mashujaa Wa Jangwa takes you back to your tribal roots, where you can lose yourself in the magnificence of Africa - a continent that has been unrightfully stripped of its riches - drawing you into the pulsating light that flows within us.

Rihla, which is the arabic translation of 'Journey', is a progressive trip that travels through different cultures, carrying its listeners towards a whirlwind of various dimensions of sound. 

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